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Vitamins & Minerals

How Calcium Overdosing Can Cause Heart Problems

Calcium is an essential electrolyte. It is the most abundant nutrient in the body. Ninety-ninepercent of the calcium is stored in bones and teeth. For decades, dietary and supplementalcalcium intake has been promoted because of its benefits for bone health and the prevention of...

6 Essential Electrolyte Minerals For Vital Health

Minerals like vitamins are vital to health. Many minerals enable enzymes to function. Others are key components of body compounds such as hormones and hemoglobin found in red blood cells. Electrolyte minerals carry an electric charge, when dissolved in water, and help maintain fluid...

Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Their Health Benefits

Vitamins are essential substances needed by the body in small amounts for normal growth, function and maintenance of healthy tissues. Since the body is not able to synthesize vitamins, they must be supplied from foods-plant or animal. Vitamins don’t supply the body directly with...

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