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Director's Profile


Dr. Visen is active as Director (R&D) and Principal Scientist (Pre-clinical and Clinical Research) of Nutra-V Inc., a Canadian nutraceutical company, based in Toronto which is involved in the research, formulation, scientific/clinical validation and development of safe and effective dietary supplements/ nutraceuticals and their marketing, following strict regulatory guidelines of Health Canada and FDA, USA.

Dr. Visen has been instrumental in developing two drugs and ten nutraceuticals (100% vegetarian; natural) and many more are in pipelines under validation. He is a liver specialist and his name is being quoted in the monograph of Health Canada, a regulatory body of Government of Canada, for his outstanding contribution in the area of liver disorders.

In his long and significant research career of almost 40 years, Dr. Visen has successfully standardized new test systems, animal and chemical models, pharmacological and biochemical assays and cell-based drug assay for pre-clinical validation of drugs. Dr. Visen has been recognized much earlier in his scientific career and honored in 1994 for the development of new herbal product (semi-synthetic) for liver disease while working as pre-clinical scientist in prestigious CSIR-CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute) of Govt. of India. In 2011, he received an ‘Award of Excellence in Science’ in the field of medicine end elderly care by Geriatric Society of India, Amritsar

Currently the work of Dr. Visen is focused on the development of the novel therapies for the treatment of liver, arthritis, mental illness, diabetes and CVD risk factors (obesity, blood pressure, dyslipidemia), including the use of the glycemic index, medicinal herbs and nutraceuticals. He is also exploring nutraceuticals and antioxidants for immunity-balance in general and during critical environment like COVID situation, pollution and allergies as a protective measure. He is actively involved in clinical validation of natural health products through randomized, double blind, cross over and placebo controlled acute and long-term clinical trials.

Recently, Dr. Visen has been instrumental in establishing research collaborations between Canada, USA, France and India with the cooperation of University of Toronto and International Trade Canada, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Canada. to validate medicinal herbs and nutraceuticals. He has published more than 80 research articles in peer reviewed journals and has 8 patents to his credit, out of which 2 are internationals- one US and one European and 6 Indian.

Dr. Visen has been Chairman and speaker in many global conferences of natural health products and is a member of several prestigious research societies. He is also a reviewer and editor of number of peer reviewed international journals.

Dr. Visen is well known for the standardization of rapid clinical model for type 2 diabetes for fast and cost-effective screening of multiple samples and development of potent nutraceuticals following WHO and ICH-GCP guidelines.