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Nutraceuticals/ Health supplements are backed by extensive research conducted by an elite group of scientists and professors from the University of Toronto, Canada and industry partners from North America, Europe and Asia.
•Marketing Centre: Canada and India

Nutra-V Inc. is leading innovation and connecting people to nature. Products
are developed considering the diet and lifestyle of the population to have maximum effect.
We specialize in research, formulation and development of evidence-based natural
health products with research doses of standardized extracts
(trademarked/patented), to prevent and manage fatty liver, infective liver disease,
high cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, blood pressure, metabolic syndrome,
diabetic complications, weight loss, heart health, Alzheimer’s, eye disease, pre and
post-COVID situations -stress, anxiety, immunomodulators, allergy etc.

Additionally, we specialize in private label service and provide our esteemed
customers, with safe and effective finished natural health products for any disease. We can
also serve our customers by providing:
1. Scientific Formulation only with the transfer of technology
2. Blended formulated mixture only with the transfer of technology

Trade and Marketing

•Our scientifically validated finished products with researched doses are available for global marketing. These products are approved by Health Canada for safety and efficacy and are also formulated carefully under the guidelines of FDA (USA) for marketing in North America. The products are approved by FSSAI India to market in India.

•We need marketing companies and distributors to sell our evidence-based, safe and effective natural health products in different territories on mutual agreement.

• We provide our finished products for sale and also make products for natural health practitioners and medical doctors following the formats given below:

1. Our product, our brand, our packaging

2. Our product, your brand, your packaging

3. Your product, our brand, your packaging

4. Your product idea, our R&D, your brand & packaging


1. Cost-Effective Clinical Trials (in India)

• Pilot Study

• Long-term Study

2. Cost-Effective Animal Validation (in India)

• Animal models

• Test systems (in-vivo, ex-vivo, and in-vitro)

3. Regulatory Affairs

• Specialists are available for product license application approval in North America and Asia

4. Toxicological and Health Safety Studies (Biological, Chemical, Environmental- India)

• GLP certified pre-clinical studies (GLP compliance from NGCMA, Govt. of India for toxicity & mutagenecity)

• Safety/toxicity evaluation of chemicals/finished products

• Analytical services

• Environmental monitoring

• Guidelines conforming to OECD, USEPA, BIS, ISO to public and private sectors

• NABL accredited facilities for biological and chemical testings)

Collaborative Business Countries

USA, Canada, India, France and Switzerland