Nutra-V Health Group of Companies

Nutra-V Inc. (Canada)

‘Nutra-V Inc.’ is a Canadian nutraceutical company launched in Toronto, Canada, in 2013 By Dr. Pradeep Visen, a clinical research scientist from the University of Toronto, Canada and Natural Health Practitioner, for the development of clinically validated safe and effective dietary supplements/ nutraceuticals and their marketing, following the strict regulatory guidelines of Health Canada and FDA, USA.

Nutra-V Inc. is headed by its Founder and Director (R&D), Dr. Pradeep Visen, who is also a Principal Scientist (Pre-clinical and Clinical) of the company. Currently the work of Dr. Visen is primarily focused on the development of the novel therapies for the treatment of diabetes and CVD risk factors, including the use of the glycemic index, medicinal herbs and nutraceuticals. He is actively involved in clinical validation of natural health products through randomized, double blind, cross over and placebo controlled acute and long term clinical trials.

Dr. Visen is well known for the introduction of a concept of scientific model of cost effective clinical trials for traditional remedies following the guidelines of WHO and ICH-GCP.

Nutra-V Natural Care (India)

A sister concern has also been established in India (HQ-Lucknow, U.P.) as ‘Nutra-V Natural Care Private Limited’ in February 2014 to market scientifically validated and clinically proven natural health products in India, approved by FSSAI and Indian council of medical research (ICMR), India.

Lotus Nutraceutical Canada

Lotus Nutraceutical Canada was established in 2005 to conduct cost-effective clinical trials of nutraceuticals/dietary supplements in Canada and India ona  contract basis. Conducted clinical trials for the  University of Toronto, Canada and Naturex, France.

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