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NUTRA-V INC. is involved in Research & Development (R&D), Product formulation and Development of Nutraceuticals and Health supplements with a team of world renowned scientists and medical doctors from Canada and USA.  Nutra-V deals with the evidence-based, scientifically & clinically validated and patented plant ingredients, standardized for its active constituents which are formulated scientifically by identifying optimum and effective researched doses and synergistic effect. The R&D team which includes Dr. Aastha Visen, MD (USA) and Dr. Srishti Visen, MD (USA) is lead by Dr. Pradeep Visen, Ph.D., a former clinical research scientist and research coordinator, Risk Factor Modification Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Canada. Currently the work of Dr.Visen is primarily focused on the development of the novel therapies for the treatment of diabetes and CVD risk factors, including the use of the glycemic index, medicinal herbs and nutraceuticals. He is actively involved in clinical validation of natural health products through randomized, double blind, cross over and placebo controlled acute and long term clinical trials. Dr.Visen is well known for the introduction of a concept of scientific model of cost effective clinical trials for traditional remedies following the guidelines of WHO and ICH-GCP. His name has been included in the monograph of Health Canada, a government regulatory body for drugs and natural health products, for his research contributions in the area of liver diseases. He has published more than 60 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and has 8 patents to his credit including one US and one European. Dr. Visen has been awarded for the development of two drugs for liver and diabetes.

Dr Pradeep Singh Visen

Ph.D; RNCP; M.S.

40 + research experience (R&D); 80+ research publications; 8 patents (USA, Australia and India); Award of Excellence in Science and Medicine in 2011. Established clinical model for diabetes; Highly acclaimed research publications on Research Gate, Germany.

Dr Aastha Singh Visen M.D. (USA)

Dr Shrishti Singh Visen M.D (USA)